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Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine Feb 20th, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered dramatic changes throughout everyday life — and in the medical community as well. Not only are providers across the country postponing elective procedures, but many are also encouraging people to avoid in-office appointments to reduce their risk of exposure to this highly contagious coronavirus.But what...

Diabetic Foot Care Guidelines Mar 5th, 2021

Diabetes and other causes of poor foot circulation can be dangerous to your feet—even a small cut can produce serious consequences. Diabetes may cause nerve damage that takes away the feeling in your feet. Diabetes may also reduce blood flow to the feet, making it harder to heal an injury...

Confused about which vaccines to get? Mar 5th, 2021

Still confused about what each type of Covid-19 vaccines offer for you to make an informed decision? How does Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine stack up against shots from Pfizer and Moderna?

COVID-19 Update Sep 16th, 2020

What are the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID19)? The most common symptoms in humans include: Cough Fever or chills Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing Muscle or body aches Sore throat New loss of taste or smell Diarrhea Headache New fatigue Nausea or vomiting Congestion or runny nose Note that some...